If you surf around the web, you will find there are many myths surrounding whole grains. Is it good for your health? Is it bad for your health? In this post Great Harvest, the makers of your favorite bread in Kirkwood, are exploring and debunking some of these myths.

Whole Grains Cause Inflammation

Quite the contrary, whole grains are your allies against inflammation. Some studies show that consuming whole grains can increase the good bacteria that actually fights inflammation.

Grains Raise Your Blood Sugar

Highly processed grains and sugars will indeed make your blood sugar spike, and suddenly plummet, leaving a wreck inside your body and making you feel tired to boot. The healthy thing would be to chose foods that slowly release glucose. Almost all types of whole, unrefined grains are great examples of edibles that slowly and gradually release glucose into the system.

Wheat is the Reason for Obesity

Overeating and having a sedentary lifestyle makes you overweight. There are many other countries that eat much more grains than we do, and they don't have obesity problems. Combining whole grains with a good diet of fish, fruit, and veggies, and some exercise is just what you need. To avoid those unwanted extra pounds, you need to eat as clean as possible.

Taste the Most Delicious Bread in Kirkwood

There you go, three of the most common whole grains myths debunked! Go ahead and enjoy your bread in Kirkwood. Make sure it's from Great Harvest where the bread is made for freshly milled grains daily. If you are interested in their menu, you can give them a call at:314- 821-1848.