Many of us are probably living with a diet full of processed foods, which make us more prone to getting sick, obese, moody, tired, among many other things. A great solution to this processed food diet is adding more whole grains. A bigger whole grain intake can lower obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol, and as a result, lower the risk of heart disease and strokes. Here at Great Harvest in Kirkwood we care about your health, so we made this list of ways you can sneak in more whole grains to your daily menus.
  1. When you are baking, you can switch half of the white flour for whole wheat flour. It can be done with cookies, pancakes, muffins, cakes, and what you can think of.
  2. Instead of flour, you can also use quick or old- fashioned oats. You can replace them for one third of the flour in a recipe.
  3. Add uncooked oats to your mixture when you are making meatballs or burgers. Mix in about three quarters of a cup per pound of ground meat.
  4. Buy whole grain bread. You can try the ones from Great Harvest, the most delicious bread in Kirkwood.
  5. Look for whole grain pasta or brown rice pasta…or at least part whole grain and part white.
  6. Enjoy a bowl of whole grain popcorn as an afternoon snack, just be careful with the extra butter and salt.
  7. Use corn or whole wheat tortillas next time you do quesadillas or tacos.
  8. Replace your bowl of potato chips for one of tortilla chips. They may not be the healthiest thing on the planet but at least they are made from whole grain corn. Dip them in salsa and you have you portion of veggies too.

Find the Tastiest Bread in Kirkwood

Adding whole grains to your diet will be greatly beneficial. Remember that bread in Kirkwood doesn’t get any better than the freshly milled one you can get at Great Harvest. So, give us a call at: 314-821-1848 and we’ll talk to you about our whole grain bread options.