Oatmeal, brown rice, popcorn, and whole-wheat flour should be part of your diet. Why? Because they’re whole grains and whole grains are widely beneficial for your health.

Be Smart and Eat Whole Grains

You’ve undoubtedly heard that you need to add whole grains to your daily diet. Including whole grains in your regular meals can reduce your mortality rate by 15%. If extending and improving your quality of life and health isn’t enough, take some to learn about the benefits of whole grains. Great Harvest has enlisted some of the reasons why eating whole grains is an excellent idea.

5 Great Health Benefits of Whole Grains

Weight control: Studies show that eating three or more daily servings of whole grains help lower body mass index, as opposed to eating a single portion. Another study shows that people who eat more refined-grain foods than whole-grain foods tend to gain more weight.
Lower blood pressure: Switching from refined grains to whole grains can considerably lower your blood cholesterol, blood pressure, insulin levels, and triglycerides. As a result, you reduce your risk of heart disease.
Reduce the risk of cancer: It’s believed that a diet rich in whole grains can prevent different types of cancer such as colorectal, larynx, pancreatic, and breast cancer. Research shows that the fiber and antioxidants in whole grains impede the formation of carcinogens.
Decrease asthma risk: Studies have found that children who consume whole grains like oats at an early age are less likely to have asthma and several other allergic conditions.
Lessen the risk of type 2 diabetes: Magnesium is a mineral that aids in the secretion of insulin and glucose in the body. Foods with high magnesium and fiber levels such as whole grains help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Get Your Servings of Whole Grains With Delicious Bread in Kirkwood

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