This amazing treat is perhaps one of the most delicious breakfast ideas; you only have to take a look at your pantry and the ingredients are probably there, plus it's relatively easy to prepare. However, there are a few ideas that can improve your french toast and make it taste even better. For this reason at Great Harvest in Kirkwood, we would like to share a few useful and simple tips.

Too Soggy?

The ideal french toast has a creamy center and a nice and golden texture, however it's very easy to end up with soggy bread. Avoiding this mistake is very simple, just remember to use thick slices of bread to absorb the mixture and don't add too much milk to the custard. Also, remember to batter the mixture thoroughly.


The great thing about french toast is that you can add the taste notes you want - from savory to sweet. Remember that marmelade, jam, powdered sugar or any other topping will be added, and it's important to avoid stirring in too much sugar to the custard, otherwise you will have a sweet french toast.


The french toast origins are unclear, however in french it's called pain perdu, which can be roughly translated to 'wasted bread' as the ingredients may go to waste. That's why, your bread should be at least a day old or stale, which will allow to absorb as much custard without falling apart, so don't be afraid to soak your bread as long as you want.


A cast iron skillet is recommended to heat properly your french toast. Make sure to preheat it and coat your pan with a teaspoon of butter between batches. This way your delicious creations won't stick.

Try these simple ideas that will make your french toast taste even better! Also, winter isn't over yet and comfort food is a great idea to warm up, so be sure to read this previous post to prepare a delicious vegetable soup.  

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