Ahh bread! Buttered bread, freshly baked bread, slightly burnt bread, sweet bread, and savory bread….delicious in every presentation. Bread is a necessary part of our daily diet, especially if it’s whole grained and freshly milled like the bread in Great Harvest Kirkwood. Have you ever given a second thought to bread’s history? Today we bring you some fun facts about this basic piece of our daily meals.

When in Egypt…

It is believed that bread has been around since 8000 B.C., when the Egyptians invented the first grinding stone. It started out as flat bread made out from crush grains, but they soon discovered that yeast would make it rise and be fluffy. Bread was so important in ancient Egypt that it was actually used as a form of currency. Egyptians were buried with a loaf of bread so the deceased could have food to take to the afterlife.

Bread for Peace

Bread is a universal sign of peace, often serving as an offering. It’s probably the one food every race, religion, and culture has in common.

Sliced Bread

Otto Rohwedder invented pre-sliced bread in 1928. People thought it would go stale faster and that it was just a passing fad. For some unknown reason, sliced bread was banned in 1943 by members of the U.S. government... we all know that didn't stick.

Oh So Romantic!

Scandinavian traditions says that if a boy and a girl eat from the same loaf of bread, they are bound to fall in love. Sigh!

It’s Called a Sandwich

The classic lunch of meat between two slices of bread, a.k.a. the sandwich, got its name in the 1700’s in honor of the Earl of Sandwich.

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