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This New Year, treat your office or classroom to a catered lunch from Great Harvest, KirkwoodA catered lunch shows coworkers or teachers just how much you appreciate all they do throughout the year.

Time for the Best Whole Wheat Bread Sandwiches Near Me

Check first with your office manager or your child's principal to find out what day and time are best to have lunch catered. Get a count of how many mouths you will be feeding and factor in an additional ten to twenty percent so you don't run out before everyone is full. Decide what beverages will be served or if there is bottled water, coffee and soft drinks available to your guests to get their own. Let everyone know the day before that lunch is on you tomorrow, so people don't plan to have lunch out or needlessly make their own.

Variety and Options Everyone will Enjoy from Great Harvest Bread Company

Make sure there is a variety for everyone to enjoy, even vegans and gluten-free guests. Include Classic and Deluxe trays in addition to boxed lunches to give people the option of simply crazing on whole wheat bread and fruit. Call us at 314-821-1848. Check out our exclusive Catering Menu. Treat you and your loved ones to the Best Bread in the City, from your friends at Great Harvest, Kirkwood. We're here to make office parties to school lunches a healthy, hearty delicious breeze. Take a look at our mouth-watering bread and sweets and lunch menu.