Add Bread to Any Meal

If you're a huge fan of fresh baked bread, chances are you are always looking for ways to incorporate it into your meals. For some classic bread combinations, follow these tips from Great Harvest in Kirkwood.

Make a Bread Bowl

A bread bowl is a delicious option any time of the year. Whether you bake your own special recipe at home or buy your bread bowl at the grocery store, the possibilities for your edible bowl are endless. Once you've hollowed out your bread, you can fill it up with a delicious dip or with a creamy soup. Not only will you be eating a delicious meal, cleanup will also be breeze because you can eat the bowl your meal is in!

Classic Soup and Sandwich Pairings

Pairing a bowl of soup with a sandwich makes for a classic combination. While you don't have to follow any rules when it comes to making the perfect soup and sandwich pairing, there are some classic options you can try. One of the most well known options is also one of the most popular rainy day meals. Whip up your favorite tomato soup recipe while you put together a delicious grilled cheese sandwich. Once the two are ready,  have them together by dipping your sandwich in your delicious soup.

The Best Bread in Kirkwood

To find the best fresh baked bread for your next meal, look no further than Great Harvest in Kirkwood. Our bakery in Kirkwood has got your bread needs covered. Before visiting our bakery, make sure to check out our monthly sweets menu to find out what's in our oven today. Give us a call at (314) 821-1848 to find out more about our bread or to place an order!