Steps to Make a Great Fruit Smoothie

Spring is a great time to enjoy smoothies at home or on the go. Grab your blender and follow these directions from Great Harvest of Kirkwood for the perfect spring smoothie!
  1. Choose your favorite fruit. Start off your smoothie by choosing at least two fruits for your drink. As you choose your favorite fruits remember that their consistency can make a huge difference in your smoothie. Juicy fruits will make your smoothie more watery while creamy fruits will make it thicker.
  2. Throw in some liquids. Adding liquids to your smoothie will help blend everything together as well as make it easier to drink. You can use any kind of liquid, from water to juice or even your favorite type of milk. If you're using lots of a creamy fruit, add in more liquid to balance things out.
  3. Give it some texture or a thicker consistency. If your smoothie is quite watery, you can thicken it up with some extras. Yogurt or creamy fruits like avocado will help make your smoothie more creamy. Adding in your favorite nut butter will make it thicker and add some protein to your drink.
  4. Sweeten up your smoothie. If your smoothie isn't as sweet as you'd like, sweeten it up with your favorite sweetener. For healthier options, stick to natural honey and dried fruit.
  5. Give your smoothie a boost. To make your smoothie even more healthy, give it a boost by adding in some super foods. You can opt for natural products like frozen blueberries to give it a more icy consistency or throw in some protein or vitamin powder.

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