It's no secret that grilling a hamburger over the summer is a great way to enjoy this season, however there are certain ideas that can make this treat even better. That's why at Great Harvest in Kirkwood, we would like to share useful tips on making the perfect burger.

Follow these Ideas to Prepare a Perfect Burger

Choose the Right Meat

A great hamburger requires excellent ingredients and you shouldn't skimp on the meat quality. It's crucial that you choose a cut that contains at least 15% fat, as it will make your hamburger juicier and tastier. Also, remember that the meat should be fresh and ground chuck or sirloin are perfect choices.

Creating the Patties

It's crucial that you don't overwork the meat while you are creating the patties, as you can remove its fat. Also, keep the seasoning simple and stick to salt and pepper before grilling your burger.

Grilling your Burger

Once your patties are ready, make sure that the grill is warm enough and cook your meat for about 4-5 minutes. A thermometer is also a good way to find out when your hamburger is cooked, and never press the patty with the spatula. Also, this season can make your bread go stale faster, as the humidity and heat aren't the most appropriate conditions for this staple food, however the right storage can keep your bead fresh for longer time, so be sure to read our guide on this topic.

Bread in Kirkwood

Consuming whole grains on a regular basis can improve your digestion and lower your cholesterol levels. That's why, at Great Harvest, we use them to prepare our fresh flour, so you and your family can take advantage of their many benefits. Consider us next time you are looking for the bread in Kirkwood. Call (314) 821-1848 to find out what are we baking today.