What to Do With Leftover Bread

Leftover bread may not seem like the most appealing ingredient for a meal, but even your stale bread can be used to make a delicious add on or treat. Great Harvest in Kirkwood has some tips to help you put your leftover and stale bread to use.

How to Make Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are needed for all types of recipes. From thickening up soups to creating the perfect coating for your favorite fried fish recipe, breadcrumbs can add the perfect flavor and texture to any dish. To make breadcrumbs using your leftover bread, start by drying out your bread in the oven at a low setting. Once your bread is dry, place it in your food processor to get it to the right texture. To make savory breadcrumbs, simply add in your favorite herbs and spices.

Stale Bread for a Breakfast Favorite

Stale bread is the perfect base when whipping up french toast. Your old bread lends itself to soaking up the wet ingredients used in french toast without becoming overly soggy and mushy. Once you've dipped your bread in your favorite french toast recipe, fry it in butter for a more delicious meal. Remember to top it off with your favorite fruit and sweets for a delicious breakfast option.

The Best Bread in Kirkwood

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