Delicious Picnic Snacks You Can Prepare

As the weather heats up, a trip to the park for a spring picnic is a great way to spend the day with friends or family. If you're not sure what food to prepare for your picnic, Great Harvest in Kirkwood has some simple suggestions your friends are sure to love!

Make Your Favorite Salsa Portable

Chips and salsa are a delicious and healthy option for just about any occasion. The problem that may arise is their portability. Chips can easily get crushed while being transported and salsa may start to spill. To solve these issues, look to your favorite glass jars. Mason jars are a great example of containers you can use to transport salsa, guacamole, homemade hummus or other spreads that tend to leak. You can even prepare individual sized portions for each of your guests.

Fresh Fruit Skewers

For a more refreshing and sweet option, make some delicious fresh fruit skewers. Pick up some of your favorite seasonal fruits and wooden skewers at the supermarket the night before your picnic. The day of your picnic, dice up the fruit into medium size chunks and thread them onto the skewers. You can create patterns or play with color combinations to make pretty designs. You don't have to limit yourself to just fruit, you can also thread herbs and other edible complements onto the skewers.

Delicious Sandwich Options

For a more filling option, make sandwiches for your guests. Choose a tasty and healthy bread option, like Great Harvest's honey whole wheat bread, a flavorful spread, a couple types of cheese, some vegetables, meat and condiments to build the perfect sandwich. If you don't have time to make sandwiches for all of your guests, keep in mind that Great Harvest in Kirkwood is happy to cater your event.

The Best Bread in Kirkwood

Don't leave your guests without any sweet treats! Check out Great Harvest in Kirkwood's monthly sweets menu to find out what we have baking daily. Give us a call at (314) 821-1848 to find out more about our bread or to place an order!