How to Turn Your Child's School Lunch Into a Healthy and Delicious Whole Grain Lunch

While the benefits of eating whole grains may not be completely clear to everyone, their continued rise in popularity proves people are paying more attention to what they eat. As the return of the school year gets closer, it's important that you also pay attention to what you feed your children. To make their lunches healthier and delicious, Great Harvest in Kirkwood has some tips to help you when preparing school lunches.

Whole Grain Sandwiches

Sandwiches are some of the easiest and most convenient items you can pack in your child's school lunch. While you may think you're providing your child with a healthy sandwich, it can be made even better by using whole grain bread. To spice things up, try changing up the style of bread you use. You can find whole grain bagels and even pita pockets to avoid always serving the same boring sandwich. To avoid bread altogether, consider making your child a healthy chicken wrap using whole grain wraps or tortillas.

Pack a Snack

Snacks are a great addition to your child's lunchbox or can be packed separately for those days when lunch seems eternities away. Don't stress if your child is a picky eater; there are plenty of whole grain options that are sure to please your child. A great whole grain option most children love is popcorn. Simply pack a small bag of popcorn for your child to enjoy between breakfast and lunch. You can also pack them a granola bar made with whole grain oats or some whole grain pretzels.

Bake Some Treats

Packing your child a sweet treat for lunch is always a welcome surprise. Instead of giving your child a treat that is heavy in sugar, opt for healthier yet delicious options. For example, you can replace the standard chocolate chip cookie with an oatmeal raisin cookie. You can also look for healthy dessert recipes and bake them together with your child in order to get them more excited about their new healthy options.

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